Mnemonics for Networking

According to, the word “mnemonics” a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.
In the world of networking, for us to easily remember how technology works is by using mnemonics. Here are popular handy mnemonics that can help us.

  1. Syslog Message Types
    ”Every Alley Cat Eats Watery Noodles In Doors”
Emergency (0) Every
Alert (1) Awesome
Critical (2) Cisco
Error (3) Engineer
Warning (4) Will
Notifications (5) Need
Information (6) Ice-cream
Debug (7) Daily

2. DHCP Process

Discover D
Offer O
Request R
Acknowledge A

3. EIGRP K Values
”Big Latencies Don’t Really Matter”

Bandwidth Big
Load Latencies
Delay Don’t
Reliability Really
MTU Matter

4. OSPF LSA Types
  ”Right Now Some Argue As Good Network Engineers Look Always Aside”

Router LSA (Type 1) Right
Network LSA (Type 2) Now
Summary LSA (Type 3) Some
ASBR Summary LSA (Type 4) Argue
ASBR External LSA (Type 5) As
Group Membership LSA (Type 6) Good
NSSA LSA (Type 7) Network
External Attributes (Type 8) Engineers
Link Scope Opaque (Type 9) Look
Area Scope Opaque (Type 10) Always
AS Scope Opaque (Type 11) Aside
5. OSPFv3 LSA Types
  ”Routing Networks Is Indeed A Great New Learning Experience”
Router Routing
Network Networks
Inter-area Prefix Is
Inter-area router Indeed
AS external A
Group membership LSA Great
Type-7 NSSA New
Link LSA Learning
Intra-area Prefix Initiative

6. The OSI Model
From Application to Physical:
”All People Seem to Need Data Processing”

Application All
Presentation People
Session Seem
Transport To
Network Need
Data Link Data
Physical Processing

From Physical to Application:
”Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away”

Physical Please
Data Link Do
Network Not
Transport Throw
Session Sausage
Presentation Pizza
Application Away

7. BGP Best Path Algorithm
”We Love Oranges As Oranges Mean Pure Refreshment”

Weight (Highest is better) We
LOCAL_PREF (Highest is better) Love
Originated Locally Oranges
AS_PATH (shortest) As
ORIGIN Type (IGP is lower than EGP and EGP is lower than Incomplete) Oranges
MED (Lowest is better) Mean
Paths (External > Internal) Pure
RID (Router ID – Lowest is better) Refreshment

8. Bridge Selection Process in Switches
  ”Recent Protests Stopped Police”

Root – Lowest Root Bridge ID (BID) Recent
Path – Lowest Path cost to Root Bridge Protests
Sender – Lowest Sender BID Stopped
Port – Lowest Port ID Police

9. Protocol Independent Multicast PIM – SM v2 Message Types:
”High Roads Reaching Jungle Blocked All Cars”

Hello High
Register Roads
Register-Stop Reaching
Join/Prune Jungle
Bootstrap Blocked
Assert All
Candidate RP Advertisement Cars

10. Protocol Data Unit (PDU)
  ”Some People Fear Birthdays”

Segments (Transport) Some
Packets (Network) People
Frames (Data) Fear
Bits (Physical) Birthdays

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