Cisco IOS-XR vs Juniper Commands Cheat Sheet

Here’s the Cisco IOS-XR commands vs Juniper OS commands

Cisco IOS-XR

Juniper OS


show show
    | include | match
..formal |       display set   
configure        configure/edit
shutdown      disable 
 no shutdown
 delete interface <interface> disable
    no        delete 
 clear  clear
show running-config show configuration 
show version show version
   show tech-support request support information 
show configuration (after change) show | compare (after change)
clear counters <interface>  clear interface statistics <interface> 
clear line <line><line number> request system logout <username>
    terminal length <num>       set cli screen-length <num> 
terminal width <num> set cli screen-width <num>
terminal monitor  monitor start messages 
terminal monitor disable monitor stop messages
show clock    show system uptime 
show processes cpu show system processes
  show logging  show log messages 
  ping ping
traceroute      traceroute
show ip interface brief show interface terse
show route  show route forwarding-table 
show route static show route protocol static
 show route summary     show route summary 
show protocols show route protocol
show route ipv6    show route table inet6.0
show interface be<xx> show interface ae<xx>
monitor interface <interface>    monitor interface <interface> 
reload request system reboot
 show users  show system users 
show diag / show inventory show chassis hardware
show history    show cli history 
dir  show system storage
show environment  show chassis environment
show memory summary show chassis routing-engine
show platform    show chassis fpc
show controllers <interface> show interface diagnostic optics <interface>
show access-lists  show firewall 


show osfp neighbor  show osfp neighbor 
show ospf database show ospf database
show ospf interface    show ospf interface   
show route ospf show route protocol ospf 


show clns neighbor  show isis adjacency 
show isis database  show isis database 
show isis route  show isis route 
show isis topology  show isis route topology 
show isis interface  show isis interface   


show bgp  show route protocol bgp   
show bgp summary  show bgp summary 
 show bgp neighbors     show bgp neighbors   
 show bgp neighbor <ip> advertised-routes show route advertising-protocol bgp<ip>
show bgp neighbor <ip>routes    show route received-protocol bgp <ip>
show bgp ipv6 unicast summary show bgp summary
show bgp all all summary  show bgp summary
show bgp ipv6 unicast neigh <ip> advertised-routes show route advertising-protocol bgp<ip>
show bgp ipv6 unicast neighbor <ip> routes show route received-protocol bgp<ip>
show bgp regexp show route aspath-regex
 show route bgp     show route protocol bgp   
show bgp community < value> show route community <value>


show mpls ldp summary      show ldp overview   
 show mpls interface show mpls interface
  show mpls ldp neighbor brief  show ldp neighbor 
show rsvp interface show rsvp interface
show rsvp neighbors  show rsvp neighbors


show mfib/mrib route show multicast route 
show pim interface show pim interface
show pim neighbor  show pim interface
show igmp interface show igmp interface


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  1. Michelle Halling said:

    this cheat sheet is exactly what i have been trying to build on my own! thank you for making this easy for me – i am learning on my own and this is going to make remembering the commands so much easier until they are engraved in my brain!

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