Cisco IOS-XR vs Huawei Commands Cheat Sheet

Here’s the Cisco IOS-XR commands vs Huawei OS commands

Cisco IOS-XR



show display
    | include | include
exit quit
end return
..formal |  
configure system-view
shutdown shutdown
 no shutdown undo shutdown
    no undo
 clear  reset
show running-config display current-configuration
show version display version
   show tech-support display diagnostic-information
show configuration (after change) display configuration candidate
clear counters <interface> reset counters <int>
clear line <line><line number>  
    terminal length <num> screen-length <0-512> temporary 
*value 0 indicates
none split screen
terminal width <num>  
terminal monitor terminal monitor
terminal monitor disable undo terminal monitor
show clock display clock
show processes cpu display cpu-usage
  show logging display logbuffer
  ping ping
traceroute tracert
show ip interface brief display ip interface
show route display ip routing-table
show route longer-prefixes <X.X.X.X/length> display ip routing-table <X.X.X.X> <length of IP >longer-match
show route static display ip routing-table protocol static
 show route summary  
show protocols  
show route ipv6 display ipv6 routing-table
show interface be<xx> display interface Eth-trunkX
monitor interface <interface>  
reload reboot
 show users display users
show diag / show inventory  
show history display history-command
dir  dir
show environment  
show memory summary display memory-usage
show platform display device pic-status
show controllers <interface> display controller
show access-lists display acl <aclname>


show osfp neighbor display ospf nexthop
show ospf database display ospf lsdb
show ospf interface display ospf interface
show route ospf display ip routing-table protocol ospf


show clns neighbor display isis peer
show isis database display isis lsdb
show isis route display isis route
show isis topology  
show isis interface display isis interface


show bgp display bgp routing-table
show bgp summary display bgp peer
 show bgp neighbors display bgp peer
 show bgp neighbor <ip> advertised-routes display bgp routing-table peer <ip> advertised-routes
show bgp neighbor <ip>routes display bgp routing-table peer <ip> received-routes
show bgp ipv6 unicast summary display bgp  ipv6 peer
show bgp all all summary display bgp all summary
show bgp ipv6 unicast neigh <ip> advertised-routes display bgp ipv6 routing-table peer <ip> advertised-routes
show bgp ipv6 unicast neighbor <ip> routes display bgp ipv6 routing-table peer <ip> received-routes
show bgp regexp display bgp routing-table regular-expression 
 show route bgp display ip routing-table protocol bgp


show mpls ldp summary display mpls ldp all
 show mpls interface display mpls interface
  show mpls ldp neighbor brief display mpls ldp peer
show rsvp interface display mpls rsvp-te interface
show rsvp neighbors display mpls rsvp-te peer


show mfib/mrib route display multicast routing-table
show pim interface display pim interface
show pim neighbor display pim neighbor
show igmp interface display igmp interface


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