Trace Access users on Huawei Router

Here is a simple tutorial on tracing access users on Huawei Router.
There are few ways to trace access-user based on the given information and most common are circuit-id, ip-address,ipv6-address and mac-address.

[~Huawei]trace access-user object 1 ?
access-mode The access mode
calling-number The Calling Number
ce-vlan The CE VLAN ID
circuit-id User’s circuit-id
interface The interface
ip-address The IP address
ipv6-address IPv6 address
mac-address The MAC address
pe-vlan The PE VLAN ID
remote-id User’s remote-id
tunnel-id User Tunnel ID
user-name The user name

For this tutorial, we will trace the user based on their mac address, here are the steps:

  1. Enter the  system-view


2. Enable the trace

trace enable

3. Trace the access-user based on the mac address and output it to a filename, run it on a specific time,e.g. 5 mins.

trace access-user object <1-5> mac-address <H-H-H> output <filename> -t <0-60 mins>

4.  Verify the trace if it is running or already ended

display trace access-user object <1-6>

Example: Trace user with mac address, output the file on text file and run it on 5 minutes period.

[~Huawei]trace enable
[~Huawei]trace access-user object 1 mac-address aaa-bbbb-2222 output file aaa-bbbb-2222.txt -t 5
Info: If trace information is output to a file or log server, you are advised to anonymize personal data.

[~Huawei]display trace access-user object 1
Object ID : 1
MAC Address : aaa-bbbb-2222
Output to file : cfcard:/business-trace/aaa-bbbb-2222.txt
Aging time : 5(m)
Aging Remain Time : 292(s)
Trace Type : manual

[~Huawei]display trace access-user object 1
Error: The specified trace object does not exist.

Note: If received the error message, that means the trace has been ended.

The file created by the traced will be output to a directory. You can just upload those file on an FTP/SFTP for better analysis.

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