Layers of OSI Model Mnemonics


Here’s you can choose to remember the 7 Layers of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)

From Application to Physical:

(A)pplication (A)ll
(P)resentation (P)eople
(S)ession (S)eem
(T)ransport (T)o
(N)etwork (N)eed
(D)ata Link (D)ata
(P)hysical (P)rocessing

Some other Mnemonics are:

A Penguin Said That Nobody Drinks Pepsi
A Priest Saw Two Nuns Doing Pushups
All Pros Search Top Notch Donut Places

From Physical to Application:

(P)hysical (P)lease
(D)ata Link (D)o
(N)etwork (N)ot
(T)ransport (T)hrow
(S)ession (S)ausage
(P)resentation (P)izza
(A)pplication (A)way

Some other Mnemonics are:

Pete Doesn’t Need To Sell Pickles Anymore
Pew! Dead Ninja Turtles Smell Particularly Awful
People Don’t Need To See Paula Abdul

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  1. […] OSI or Open Systems Interconnection model consists of 7 Layers that describes how telecommunication or computing systems use to communicate or operate over a network. For more info, refer to this 7 Layers of OSI Model: Functions and Examples and Layers of OSI Model Mnemonics […]

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