Cisco’s Administrative Distance Juniper’s Route Preference and Huawei’s Preference Cheat Sheet

In routing world, Administrative Distance refers to the reliability of the routing protocol. It is equivalent to Juniper’s Route Preference and Huawei’s Preference. It is important to consider these values as in the scenario that there are multiple routes to a destination (with same prefix length), the route (learned via the routing protocol) with the lowest value is preferred.
Table below will show the values for respective platform.


Routing Protocol
Juniper (RP)
Connected Interface 0 0 0
 Static Route  1 5 60
 RIP  120 100 100
EIGRP  EIGRP Summary – 5  –
    EIGRP Internal – 90  –
 EIGRP External -170  –
 OSPF 110 OSPF Internal -10 10
OSPF External -150
 IS-IS 115 Level 1 Internal-10  15
  Level 1 External-160
   Level 2 Internal-18
 Level 2 External-165
BGP  BGP Internal -200 170  255
 BGP External -20


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