Cisco RPL vs Huawei XPL Route Policy Language Configuration


Cisco uses RPL (Route Policy Language) while Huawei uses XPL (Extended Route Policy language). Basically they are the same concept but of course the commands are slightly different, though editing the policy or prefix-set requires vi/vim knowlege.

Cisco IOS-XR RPL Huawei NE40E XPL
Adding Prefix-Set:
prefix-set FNT-Prefixes,
Adding Prefix-Set:
xpl ip-prefix-list FNT-Prefixes 24, 23
Creating Route Policy:
route-policy FNT-EXPORT
  if (destination in FNT-Prefixes) then
    prepend as-path 65555 2
Creating Route Policy:
xpl route-filter FNT-EXPORT
  if ip route-destination in FNT-Prefixes then
   apply as-path 55430 2 additive

Applying the Policy:
router bgp 65555
remote-as 65556
address-family ipv4 unicast
route-policy FNT-EXPORT out
Applying the Policy:
bgp 65555
peer as-number 65556
ipv4-family unicast
  peer route-filter FNT-EXPORT export
Editing the Prefix-set and Policy:
#edit prefix-set FNT-Prefixes vim
#edit route-policy FNT-EXPORT vim
Editing the Prefix-set and Policy:
<>edit xpl ip-prefix-list FNT-Prefixes
<>edit xpl route-filter FNT-EXPORT

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