Checking TX / RX optical power for Huawei Switches and Routers

Here is an example on how to query or display optical power of an interface in a Huawei Router. This is tested using NetEngine40E Universal Service Router or NE40E running version 8.x OS.

display interface <interface> extensive

Sample Output: (Can see link down and not receiving any power from the neighboring device)

<Huawei-NE40E>display interface GigabitEthernet1/1/1 extensive
GigabitEthernet1/1/10 current state : DOWN(LOS) (ifindex: 142)
Line protocol current state : DOWN
Link quality grade : —
Port BW: 10G, Transceiver max BW: 10G, Transceiver Mode: SingleMode
WaveLength: 1310nm, Transmission Distance: 10km
Rx Power: -40.00dBm, Warning range: [-14.400, 0.499]dBm
Tx Power: -3.35dBm, Warning range: [-8.198, 0.499]dBm

Or can do filtering:

display interface <interface> extensive | i Power


For other Huawei like those S series Campus switches, use this command:

display transceiver interface <interface> verbose

For CloudEngine or Series Switches, you can try this command:

display interface 10ge <interface> transceiver verbose

Typical TX RX Optical Power Range:

Transmit Power (max) −1.0 dBm 2.0 dBm 4.0 dBm
Transmit Power (min) −6.0 dBm −1.0 dBm 0.0 dBm
Receive power (max) 0.5 dBm −1.0 dBm −7.0 dBm
Receive power (min) −11.0 dBm  −14.0 dBm −24.0 dBm
Distance 10km 40km 80km
TX/RX Wavelenght 1290-1330nm 1530-1565nm 1530-1565nm

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