Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Best Path Selection Mnemonic

Here is the most popular Mnemonic for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for Best Path Selection. This helps to easily remember on how BGP choosing its best path instead of memorizing it.

We Love Oranges AS Oranges Mean Pure Refreshment”
  • W
  • Weight (Highest)
  • L
  • LOCAL_PREF (Highest)
  • O
  • Originate (local) routes that are advertise through the “network” command or redistributed from an IGP.
  • AS
  • AS_PATH (shortest)
  • O
  • ORIGIN Code (IGP > EGP > Incomplete)
  • M
  • MED (lowest)
  • P
  • Paths (External > Internal)
  • R
  • RID (lowest)

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