Equal-cost multipath (ECMP) or Load-Balance in Juniper

Here are the steps of configuring Equal cost multipath (ECMP) in Juniper routers for Load balancing purposes.
Step1:Configure ECMP routing policy
set policy-options policy-statement LBPOLICY then load-balance per-packet

Step2: Export the policy to forwarding table

set routing-options forwarding-table export LBPOLICY 

Verification: (Use the command “show route forwarding-table”)

user1@QFX-re0> show route forwarding-table
Routing table: default.inet
Enabled protocols: Bridging,
Destination        Type RtRef Next hop           Type Index    NhRef Netif    user     0                    ulst  2097150  4215
                         ucst     1876    12 ae10.0
                         ucst     1869     4  ae11.0
Two exit path for

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