Registered TCP & UDP Ports in Networking

Network ports are software defined number  that is associated to a network protocol that transmits or receives or transmits communication for a specific application or service. It is used by Transport Layer of IP Suite, e.g. TCP & UDP.

A port number is a 16-bit unsigned integer that ranges from 0 to 65535. There are 3 types of network ports.

Port Range Port Types Description
0 – 1023 Well-know Ports For common TCP/IP applications (assigned and controlled)
1024 – 49151 Registered Ports Used by vendors for their application (not assigned or controlled, but can be registered)
49152 – 65535 Dynamic Ports Private and non-reserved (not assigned, controlled, or registered)
This is the list of commonly used Registered ports. This is very useful especially if configuring security-related tasks like firewall administration and building access-lists (ACL).
Port# TCP UDP Service Description
1080 Yes No SOCKS SOCKS proxy
1433 Yes No MS-SQL-S Microsoft SQL Server
1434 Yes Yes MS-SQL-M Microsoft SQL Monitor
1512 Yes Yes WINS Windows Internet Name Service
1524 Yes Yes Ingreslock Ingres DBMS
1701 No Yes L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
1719 No Yes H2323gatestat H.323 registration and alternate communication
1720 Yes No H323hostcall  H.323 call signaling
1723 Yes No PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
1755 Yes Yes MS-streaming  Microsoft Media Services
1812 Yes Yes Radius RADIUS authentication protocol 
1813 Yes No Radius-acct RADIUS accounting protocol
1863 Yes Yes MSNP Microsoft Notification Protocol 
1985 No Yes HSRP Cisco Hot Standby Router Protocol
2000 Yes Yes Cisco SCCP Cisco Skinny Client Control Protocol
2002 Yes Yes Cisco ACS Cisco Access Secure Server HTTP login
2049 Yes Yes NFS Network File System
2083 Yes Yes RadSec Secure RADIUS Service
3128 Yes No HTTP Proxy Squid HTTP Proxy Server
3306 Yes Yes MySQL MySQL Database Server (MariaDB)
3389 Yes Yes RDP Microsoft Terminal Server
3689 Yes No DAAP iTunes/AirPlay
3690 Yes Yes SVN Subversion  version control system
4321 Yes No Rwhois Referral Whois Protocol
5060 Yes Yes SIP Session Initiation Protocol
5432 Yes No PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Database system
5900 Yes Yes RFB Remote Frame Buffer protocol 
6000 Yes No X11 X Windows Systems services
6665-6669 Yes Yes IRC  Internet Relay Chat
6697 Yes Yes IRC SSL Secure Internet Relay Chat
6881-6999 Yes No BitTorrent BitTorrent P2P Sharing
8080 Yes No HTTP Proxy Alternative port for HTTP Proxy
10000 Yes No Webmin  Web-based Linux sysadmin tool
11371 Yes No PGPKeyserver Public keyserver for PGP
26000 Yes Yes Quake id Software’s Quake server
33434 Yes Yes Traceroute Network diagnostic tool

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