Checking TX / RX optical power in Juniper (JunOS)

Checking TX / RX optical power for Juniper Routers

For checking transmission links, it is good to know how to find out the optical power for troubleshooting and making sure the desired or optimal range is meet.

Here is the sample command for checking the TX/RX optical power


darwin@JUNOS-RE0$ show interfaces diagnostics optics xe-0/0/0
Physical interface: xe-0/0/0
Laser bias current                        :  85.674 mA
Laser output power                        :  1.5530 mW / 1.91 dBm
Module temperature                        :  45 degrees C / 112 degrees F
Module voltage                            :  3.2980 V
Receiver signal average optical power     :  0.0181 mW / -17.42 dBm

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