Types of Fiber Optic Cable Connector

Fiber Optic Cable Connectors provide alignment of microscopic glass fibers  used in fiber cables in transmitting high speed data.  These are the types of fiber optic cable connectors that you will come across in a datacenter. There’s few more that I excluded in the list as already obsolete and seldom use.

1. SC (Standard/Subscriber/Square Connector)
-most popular type used in telecomm/datacomm industry for its durability, low-cost and simple installation. It uses locking tables and classified as push-pull connectors.
-ferrule diameter – 2.5 mm

2. LC (Lucent/Little Connector)
– one of the smallest form factor 3 different types (SM APC, SM UPC, MM UPC) and gaining popularity due to its size that is flexible for scalability and applications in high density connections. It uses latch locking and classified as push-pull connectors.
-ferrule diameter – 1.25 mm

3. MTP/MPO (Multi-fiber Termination Push-on / Multi-fiber Push On)
– MPO is a type of fiber cable connector , while MTP is the registered trademark or a brand name of an MPO. It can be either male or female connector, and can support up to 24 strand fibers. It is commonly used for breakout cables  (can minimize the number of cables to lay/connect).

4. FC (Ferrule Core)
-used commonly in field and indoor LAN applications such  Video over Fiber Transmission equipment. It’s been mostly replaced now by SC and LC.
-ferrule diameter – 2.5 mm

5. ST (Straight Tip)
– it was popular connector for multimode networks before early 2000s
-ferrule diameter – 2.5 mm

6. MTRJ (Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack)
– one of the popular small form factor connector that houses two fibers and integrates into a single looking design that resembles the RJ-45 connector.

7. MU (Multi-termination Unibody)
-looks like a miniature SC and quite popular in some countries like Japan.
-ferrule diameter – 1.25 mm

8. E2000
– a bit expensive fiber connector both supports single and multi mode, and APC and UPC.
-ferrule diameter – 1.25 mm

Some take points:
SM (Single Mode)
-uses 9/125 micron bulk usually jacket color is yellow, and can go as far as 40km
MM  (Multi Mode)
-uses 62.5/125 or 50/125 micron bulk  usually jacket color is orange
APC = Angled Physical Contact
-typical back reflection <-60dB
UPC = Ultra Physical Contact
-typical back reflection <-50dB

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