Steps in Upgrading Cisco IOS-XR code

These are the steps in upgrading Cisco IOS-XR from 5.x.x to 6.x.x1. Download from Cisco website the necessary files for the upgrade, usually images are in package installation envelope (.pie) format.
One way of transferring  files to the router is via USB port, thus copy these files in your USB thumb drive and insert in USB port in your active RSP linecard.2. Copy files from usb to harddisk.

dir usb:

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#dir usb:

Directory of usb:

131648      -rw-  23790534    Wed Jul 11 13:20:51 2018  asr9k-mpls-px.pie-6.x.x
131744      -rw-  4826385     Wed Jul 11 13:20:54 2018  asr9k-doc-px.pie-6.x.x
131840      -rw-  493632091   Wed Jul 11 13:24:28 2018  asr9k-fpd-px.pie-6.x.x
131936      -rw-  27112275    Wed Jul 11 13:24:45 2018  asr9k-k9sec-px.pie-6.x.x
132032      -rw-  38070588    Wed Jul 11 13:25:05 2018  asr9k-mgbl-px.pie-6.x.x
132128      -rw-  487071236   Wed Jul 11 13:20:36 2018  asr9k-mini-px.pie-6.x.x

copy [source] [destination]

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#copy usb:/harddisk:/asr9k-mpls-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:
Destination filename [/harddisk:/asr9k-mpls-px.pie-6.x.x]?
23790534 bytes copied in      2 sec (  9111656)bytes/sec

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#copy usb:/asr9k-doc-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:
Destination filename [/harddisk:/asr9k-doc-px.pie-6.x.x]?
4826385 bytes copied in      0 sec

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#copy usb:/asr9k-fpd-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:
Destination filename [/harddisk:/asr9k-fpd-px.pie-6.x.x]?
493632091 bytes copied in     54 sec (  9014135)bytes/sec

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#copy usb:/asr9k-k9sec-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:
Destination filename [/harddisk:/asr9k-k9sec-px.pie-6.x.x]?
27112275 bytes copied in      3 sec (  8240813)bytes/sec

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#copy usb:/asr9k-mgbl-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:
Destination filename [/harddisk:/asr9k-mgbl-px.pie-6.x.x]?
38070588 bytes copied in      4 sec (  8258262)bytes/sec

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#copy usb:/asr9k-mini-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:
Destination filename [/harddisk:/asr9k-mini-px.pie-6.x.x]?
487071236 bytes copied in     62 sec (  7826449)bytes/sec

Here are the files that were copied and will be installed:

  • doc—Documentation package
  • mcast—Multicast package
  • mgbl—Manageability package
  • mpls—MPLS package
  • k9sec—Security package
  • fpd—Field-programmable device package

3. Verify the files if copied successfully and compare the file sizes if the same.

dir [destination folder]

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#dir harddisk:*6.x.x*
Directory of harddisk:

25064       -rw-  23790534    Thu May  2 09:25:03 2019  asr9k-mpls-px.pie-6.x.x
25065       -rw-  4826385     Thu May  2 09:25:21 2019  asr9k-doc-px.pie-6.x.x
25066       -rw-  493632091   Thu May  2 09:26:24 2019  asr9k-fpd-px.pie-6.x.x
25067       -rw-  27112275    Thu May  2 09:27:35 2019  asr9k-k9sec-px.pie-6.x.x
25068       -rw-  38070588    Thu May  2 09:27:50 2019  asr9k-mgbl-px.pie-6.x.x
25069       -rw-  487071236   Thu May  2 09:29:03 2019  asr9k-mini-px.pie-6.x.x

4. Add the packages for activation later on

admin install add [source package file] synchronous

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#admin install add harddisk:/asr9k-mpls-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:/asr9k-doc-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:/asr9k-fpd-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:/asr9k-k9sec-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:/asr9k-mgbl-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:/asr9k-mini-px.pie-6.x.x harddisk:/asr9k-px-6.x.x.k9-sp4.pie synchronous
Install operation 15 ‘(admin) install add /harddisk:/asr9k-mpls-px.pie-6.x.x /harddisk:/asr9k-doc-px.pie-6.x.x /harddisk:/asr9k-fpd-px.pie-6.x.x /harddisk:/asr9k-k9sec-px.pie-6.x.x
/harddisk:/asr9k-mgbl-px.pie-6.x.x /harddisk:/asr9k-mini-px.pie-6.x.x synchronous’ started by user ‘admin’ via CLI .
/ 1% complete:

Info:         disk0:asr9k-mpls-px-6.x.x
Info:         disk0:asr9k-doc-px-6.x.x
Info:         disk0:asr9k-fpd-px-6.x.x
Info:         disk0:asr9k-k9sec-px-6.x.x
Info:         disk0:asr9k-mgbl-px-6.x.x
Info:         disk0:asr9k-mini-px-6.x.x
Info:     The packages can be activated across the entire router.
/ 100% complete: The operation can no longer be aborted (ctrl-c for options)
Install operation 15 completed successfully at 01:52:39 SGP Mon Apr 29 2019.

5. Verify the packages, it will be in the Inactive Packages list if added successfully.

admin show install inactive summary

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#admin show install inactive summary
Mon Apr 29 01:53:36.445 SGP
Default Profile:
Inactive Packages:

6. Activate the packages. Take note that this will reload the router after the installation. You can use wildcard to install all 6.x.x packages so no need to specify one by one

admin install activate [package file] synchronous

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#admin install activate disk0:*6.x.x*  synchronous

Install operation 21 ‘(admin) install activate  disk0:asr9k-mpls-px-6.x.x disk0:asr9k-doc-px-6.x.x disk0:asr9k-fpd-px-6.x.x disk0:asr9k-k9sec-px-6.x.x disk0:asr9k-mgbl-px-6.x.x  disk0:asr9k-mini-px-6.x.x synchronous’ started by user ‘admin’ via CLI at 04:19:03 SGP Mon Apr 29 2019./ 1% complete: The operation can still be aborted (ctrl-c for options)

7. Install commit to commit the active software

admin install commit

%INSTALL-INSTMGR-4-ACTIVE_SOFTWARE_COMMITTED_INFO : The currently active software is not committed. If the system reboots then the committed software will be used. Use ‘install commit’ to commit the active software.

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#admin install commit 

Mon Apr 29 04:31:40.468 SGP
Install operation 22 ‘(admin) install commit’ started by user ‘admin’ via CLI at
04:31:40 SGP Mon Apr 29 2019.
/ 20% complete: The operation can no longer be aborted (ctrl-c for options
Install operation 22 completed successfully at 04:31:51 SGP Mon Apr 29 2019.

8.Verify if the new code is committed successfully

admin show install committed summary

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CISCO-A9K#admin show install committed summary 

Mon Apr 29 04:32:04.140 SGP
Default Profile:
Committed Packages:

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