Cisco IOS vs Huawei Commands Cheat Sheet

Here’s the Cisco IOS commands vs Huawei OS commands

Cisco IOS



    | include| include
configure terminalsystem-view
 no shutdownundo shutdown
 clear reset
show running-configdisplay current-configuration
show startup-configdisplay saved-configuration
show versiondisplay version
   show tech-supportdisplay diagnostic-information
clear counters <interface>reset counters <int>
clear line <line><line number>
    terminal length <num>  screen-length disable
terminal width <num>
terminal monitorterminal monitor
terminal monitor disableundo terminal monitor
show clockdisplay clock
show processes cpudisplay cpu-usage
  show loggingdisplay logbuffer
show ip interfacedisplay ip interface
show ip routedisplay routing-table
show ip route staticdisplay ip routing-table protocol static
show ip protocols
show ipv6 routedisplay ipv6 routing-table
show interface be<xx>display interface Eth-trunkX
monitor interface <interface>
 show usersdisplay users
show diag / show inventory
show historydisplay history-command
dir dir
show environment
show memory summarydisplay memory-usage
show platformdisplay device pic-status
show controllers <interface>display controller
show ip access-listsdisplay acl <aclname>
show policy-map interfacedisplay qos policy interface
show snmpdisplay snmp-agent statistics
write erasereset saved-configuration
copy run start (write mem)save
copy running-configsave safely
aaahwtacacs scheme
show configurationdisplay configuration candidate


router ospfospf
show ip osfp neighbordisplay ospf nexthop
show ip ospf databasedisplay ospf lsdb
show ip ospf interfacedisplay ospf interface
show ip route ospfdisplay ip routing-table protocol ospf


show clns neighbordisplay isis peer
show isis databasedisplay isis lsdb
show isis routedisplay isis route
show isis topology
show isis interfacedisplay isis interface


router bgpbgp
show ip bgpdisplay bgp routing-table
show ip bgp summarydisplay bgp peer
 show ip bgp neighborsdisplay bgp peer
 show ip bgp neighbor <ip> advertised-routesdisplay bgp routing-table peer <ip> advertised-routes
show ip bgp neighbor <ip>routesdisplay bgp routing-table peer <ip> received-routes
show bgp ipv6 unicast summarydisplay bgp peer
show ip bgp summarydisplay bgp peer
show bgp ipv6 unicast neigh <ip> advertised-routesdisplay bgp ipv6 routing-table peer <ip> advertised-routes
show bgp ipv6 unicast neighbor <ip> routesdisplay bgp ipv6 routing-table peer <ip> received-routes
show ip bgp regexpdisplay bgp routing-table regular-expression
 show ip route bgpdisplay ip routing-table protocol bgp


show mpls ldp summarydisplay mpls ldp all
 show mpls interfacedisplay mpls interface
  show mpls ldp neighbor briefdisplay mpls ldp peer
show rsvp interfacedisplay mpls rsvp-te interface
show rsvp neighborsdisplay mpls rsvp-te peer


show mfib/mrib routedisplay multicast routing-table
show ip pim interfacedisplay pim interface
show ip pim neighbordisplay pim neighbor
show ip igmp interfacedisplay igmp interface


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